“…and lose your watches”, said Damien Blade to the Wild Hogs. A gem of an advice to the ones who set out to explore. I was also nodding, sitting in front of my laptop.

It has been a very useful travel advice and the one I have followed without fail and without regret. It reformed the way I would refer to time on the go. My senses started to become better judge of time when I’m on my 2 wheels.

How I know what time it is?
My hunger decides on meals breaks, lunch time or dinner; or time for a chocolate break to account for my draining energy.  My butt pleads for rest break times while my sight decides the time to start the ride or call it a day. Good scenery means time to halt for a photo break and the fuel meter declares a fuel break!

How it has helped me?
The best way it has worked out in favor of me is: keeping me safe. On my 2 wheels and without a time meter, I ride at my own pace, without a want to race against time. The sense of freedom just a lack of watch serves is amazing. I like a place, I halt; I enjoy it, I stay. Starting to get bored, I move further. Less stringent itinerary always makes you flexible and enables you to visit places not on the list and explore more but no watch lets me enjoy those places, take in the real feel. No constraints to be somewhere at a particular time. Feels unusual. Feels great!

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Tried or tested it? Share your experience. Didn’t? Do try.

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