A small field of coriander leaves. Rajma grows alongside. A big field of cabbages, but before that – corn fields. Some more Rajma, corn and cabbage fields, one after the other, until the row of apricot trees. Beyond that, the River Uhl flows, emerald Green on most days and muddy on rainy. It leaves a white wake and a gurgling sound (apart from the usual Boink!) when it passes over the boulders – big and small, brought over the stretch of time. Beyond the river expanse of around 20 metres is the dried bed of wild grass, thorns, pebbles and more boulders. A very narrow path passes through the woods after the tall electric pole, and then there are radiant Green step farms. The mountain gains much height right after. A dense forest of Alpine trees – dark Green stands tall above the stepped farms, and keeps rising until it meets the sky. Clouds and mist – their visits are quite frequent here.

Love: a strong feeling of affection
          : a great interest & pleasure in something

By that definition, the feeling that I have experienced upon waking up to this view everyday for the past 15 days can be labelled as Love. The feeling for a newer air quite frequently which made me let go of my stable desk job, vacate my flat and set out on my bike could also be labelled as Love. Also, the feeling to sit down on my desk and blot upon the blank paper the myriad of thoughts in my head could also be labelled the same.

I have often wondered what love would mean to me in a relationship. Of course, waking up to the same person in my arms each morning, yearning to return from work or doing the silly things together came the obvious and easy answers. But one day on a ride, I had stopped on a bridge to take some clicks. And just then, a rather grown up couple arrived on their rather timid non geared machine and stopped on the bridge as well. Out came their phone to take the selfies of their now convulsed faces. They left in no time continuing on their road trip leaving with me a supposed answer: Grow old together while managing to keep the mutual respect intact. “Turn a little deaf and a little blind”, I could recollect this from somewhere. There is another major attribute to Love I have come to discover – Selflessness. Selfless, whole hearted and unconditional, from mother to her child, or a love driven by respect and admiration – the diction would perhaps fall short, but the novice do try.

Ah well, I am sure my definition would refine itself over time. For now, I am here, blessed to be playing Cricket by the river, climbing new peaks everyday and taking the unfamiliar turns; in the lap of the mighty Himalayas no less, and I am absolutely loving it.

(This article is a part of the series where I will be delving into emotions further, the scores of emotions I feel, and I think, we all do. Travel has provided me with many enriching experiences beyond the insta clicks, and this is my effort to present them to you.)

Please share your feedback on my writing, it helps me do better. Also, please share what you feel about Love, and about this new series that I am chancing to explore.


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