Ride. Idlis. Trekking. Dance. Strong winds. A giant monolithic Rock. And FRIENDS.

These were the ingredients which converted an average awesome Saturday to a super awesome one. You know of those times when you have 10 rsvps for an event starting at 5am and no one turns up? This was not one of those.

Except for two, 9 of us reported to the meeting point with sleep deprived faces but beaming with excitement. I addressed the pre ride briefing about the rules of the highway and we started. 60 kms of ride on a well laid tarmac, a halt for b.fast and an hour and half later, we arrived at the Bhongir Fort. The ride was uneventful except for Paranjay, my friend, maybe whose ride- Dio was struggling to keep up even at 80s! ( πŸ˜€ )

Another briefing and we began the hike. Bhongir Fort is built out of a large monolithic rock, dates back to 10th century AD and was once considered indomitable.

Travel Tip
Bhongir Fort
Nearest Rly. Station is Aler, the fort is located in Bhongir, some 60kms from Hyderabad. The trek difficulty level is mostly easy to medium but also offers challenges to the takers and lasts around 2 hours.Trekking groups from Hyd organise adventure activities like rope climbing too at the fort.

We trekked and rested, and trekked. Took just a little over too many pictures and trekked some more. We reached to the top, finally. Gopal had brought some paranthas and we devoured them insanely. And then we danced, following our teacher Purva, out of tune but we did! There was dumb charades, and the childhood games- Chidiya Udd (remm?) too.

Purva, just before she was munched upon by the Fort Daemon.

One could see the town of small people growing small small trees driving mini cars on narrow snake like roads from up there. Such small, yet differences so big. No? Wonder where the mind wanders sitting atop a fort with the eyes longing for sleep!

Coming back, we waded through the bushes to find our own way. With very less energy remaining in our system but not overlooking the highway discipline, we reached back safely and crashed for the day, a day that had been well spent.

This ride n trek was organised by me, first of the sort. And it went well. Yay!

Also, I was travelling while posting this and had a lot of time. So, I got over emotional over photo editing. If you hated it, it’s okay; if you liked it, do let me know. πŸ˜‰ And forget not to visit this fort, it’s a very good weekend getaway from Hyd.

And, it’s the last one to go into 7 Days 7 Posts resolution. I could do it! Yay again! πŸ˜€

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