…and the road becomes my bride.
Stripped of all but pride,
so in her I do confide,
and she keeps me satisfied.
Gives me all I need.

These adrenaline pumping lyrics from Wherever I may roam by the legendary Metallica describe best what drives the neurons of a traveller.

The title Why? finds roots in the curiosity of our friends, family members, relatives (you know!) and every onlooker you meet while out travelling who find this whole concept of troubling yourself alien-y! Four of us went to Medak and Pocharam, and stopped at a Red light where the trend not was. The people behind us stopped half in shame and half in curiosity and asked us the very same question-Why? A 65+ guy I know recently successfully finished a solo cross country ride. I’m sure, he would have also faced the Why countless times during his odyssey just like several travellers do on daily basis.

For the beauty of the answer to this question, I penned down some of my thoughts despite knowing the colossal magnitude of the possible explanation.

The craving to step outside the shut doors of the monotonous life, ride the unknown highways, make cognizance with unfamiliar faces, acknowledge the efforts of our ancestors in constructions and ruins, temples and their market places, dams and bridges and experience the sound, aura and feel of nature and its amazing views is the answer to Why. The feeling of being there, the moment frozen in time, the one which best of photo essays would fail to provide is the answer. The itching to breathe the fresh air and witness the most beautiful sunrises is it. The happiness while trekking up the misty mountains, or walking down the beach is it. Difficult to digest this might be, but a stay in the not-so-fancy beds at not-so-scenic villages too is the drive behind the adventures one undertakes. And then, it grows into an addiction which needs no explanation.

Something I wrote while spending a night alone at a beach in my tent reads:

You travel to discover and face your inner fears, to discover yourself, to unravel the mysteries yourself, to know your limits, to gauge your strengths and of course to meet varied people, to see varied places, to experience varied seasons and winds, to live.

And for me, just the sense of liberation from the stuff we create to surround and occupy ourselves with is enough to gear up and push that throttle.

By the way, that song goes on to end with:

Anywhere I may roam.
Where I lay my head is home.
Carved upon my stone,
My body lies but still I roam.
Wherever I may roam.
Wherever I may roam…

What drives you? Do share.

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