Last 4 weekends saw me travelling extensively the length of the country while I obediently arrived back in Hyderabad for the weekdays to attend my office which explains my absence from the blog. I did a couple of long train journeys, once to Delhi and on another weekend to the City of Nawabs, Lucknow. Both of these journeys had the primary motive of personal affairs but not to wander, hence I ended up just reading a lot on the way and making new friends.

On couple of other occasions, I did an 800 km solo weekend ride to Kala Ashram in Adilabad and to the Kawal Tiger Reserve. This ride was a very enriching experience as I learnt a lot about travel itself from a noble man who manages the Ashram all by himself and works on reviving all forms of traditional arts and science. Also, I did the wildlife safari. On my Bike! Yep!

Riding through the Kawal Tiger Reserve

On another weekend, amidst rain, I, along with 30 new friends trekked the Dudhsagar Waterfalls and camped right next to the falls. This was a very “watery” experience as we were mostly wet for the entire episode lasting 2 days! But, it was totally worth it, especially the part where we made new friends talking and laughing all through the night till almost early morning hours!

Dudhsagar Rail Trek

Now that there is a week before my next trip, I want to make it count and share some of my experiences. And, I have made some attempt in organizing the content on the blog which you can see in the top menu. I hope it only makes for a better reading experience. In the writing too, considering some requests, I have planned to share my ride itineraries, brief overall views of my experiences and some budget talks from my rides and adventures. Hope I can deliver some of that, at least. And I hope you have been enjoying the writings so far. Do tell if any suggestions pop into your head.

Stay tuned, good stuff ahead.

Bhongir Fort, Ride N Trek
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