Yup, that’s the big update and the reason for my absence from this space for the last month – I have moved my base, from Hyderabad to Gurgaon.

The higher forces presented before me an option to move to Gurgaon and I grabbed it, for it seemed worthwhile.

Weighing the options, leaving Hyderabad for me meant moving away from my friends and folks of long time, my treasured social circles which revolved around adventure and books and the very place which had been my base for the last 6 years. It also meant losing out on the proximity to the Sahyadris and the Western Ghats and several trekking trails. It basically meant a big deal.

But move on I did. Because…

Movement to Gurgaon translates to new home and new beginnings. Also, it brings me opportunities for travels in the Northern and North Eastern regions. The cultural Rajasthan, the picturesque Himachal Pradesh and the romantic Kashmir have all come on the radar now. Expeditions in the Himalayas also should find place on the calendar now (reduced distance = doable in the limited leaves). All of this and exhaustion of weekend travel opportunities from Hyderabad and familiarity with many a highways there was also the driving factor.

Bringing you up to date, now for a month in Gurgaon (expensive place!), I have paid the customary visit to Decathlon. Also, while I am missing out on the rains in Hyderabad and the treks, I have visited Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, Karol Bagh and Gaffar Market so far, also including the Pani Puri post midnight at India Gate. That is, after discounting the initial settling days.

About the blog, while I had been away from the blog for this while, I had never been ignorant of it. Some pending travels I undertook from Hyderabad will still feature in this space and soon the travels from here too will start showing up on the blog. Do stay tuned as I will be posting frequently now.

Oh by the way, I’m sure you can guess how I might have moved from Hyderabad to Gurgaon, right? 😉

En Route Delhi from Gurgaon


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