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You can now Travel With Me and experience the crazy awesomeness which comes with the unplanned journeys which I have been enjoying for years now. Come on a slow, experiential travel with me and take on the surprises the road has for you, and learn the tips, tricks and travel hacks which I have learnt on my extensive solo travels. Here, I am listing down my Travel Calendar where you can join me. Also, you can now hire me to custom design a trip for you and your friends, and lead it for you as your personal travel guide!

To confirm your slot on any of my trips or to hire me, you can write to me via mail at wanderingjatin@gmail.com or use the form at the end of this page.

My Travel Calendar:
(WhatsApp Group Invite: Link)

Kerala (open for Bookings)
(24th Feb to 3rd Mar 2019)
Kerala, an experience!

Pondicherry (coming Soon)
(3rd to 7th Mar 2019)
The East Coast Road-trip. Explorations. Trekking.

Gujarat exploration
(24th Feb to 3rd Mar 2019)

(14th to 21st Apr 2019)


Please understand that I am living the life of a Digital Nomad traveling most of the time, and good internet speeds can be a luxury at times; I will revert to your queries as soon as I can.