What better day than today to reach the 1947 hit mark on my blog. A Happy Independence Day to all. May wisdom persevere.

I proudly present to you on this day the 5th entry into 7 Days 7 Posts, a post, more of a drive through the majestic and scenic Kerala. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

By Train
We arrived at Trichur Rly. Station in mild drizzle, already awe-struck and happy with the journey. The very first opinion we all had in unison – It’s so green!

On Road.
Our opinion did not change, but only matured. We drove a 100 kms from Athirapally Waterfalls in Thrissur to Mararikulam Beach in Alapuzha (pronounced Alaporra) through some amazing views, tea plantations, rubber estates, ghat roads and tall waterfalls!

Rubber (the white paste) getting collected in the cup tied below. Interesting how the hat is placed to protect rubber from mixing with water or the grooves which are made on the trunk to decide on the flow of extracted Rubber.

Not the Athirapally Waterfalls

The Athirapally Waterfalls


No, not Munnar


A drive by the Backwaters late in the night. Here, I cut an improvised Birthday Cake. Mine. 😀

By the Backwaters!!
Oops, to do it justice, backwaters demand a dedicated post for itself.
Just a glimpse of what’s in store…


Who knew, a drive as beautiful as this could have started….
like this…

You can untie the seat belt now and share your comments. 🙂

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