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How do you prepare for a trip? Book accommodation, arrange sightseeing tours, get the luggage, hop a flight and off you go? But how do you prepare for a multi day biking trip with only purpose of exploration in mind? Well, you don’t plan much. You gather your biking gears, get the bike serviced, hop on the bike and off you go! And exactly that’s what I did for my 6 day 2,000 km long exploration ride to the Indian West Coast.

Camping @ Apsarakonda

When I started out from Hyderabad with ample days at my disposal, no itinerary, a print out of the Google maps and a simple age old phone, open highways greeted me with new languages, different foods, clothing styles, architectures, wind mills and many beautiful sceneries! I faced the sweltering heat in Raichur, while the cool breeze and unfriendly mosquitoes met me at a village called Kallur.

windmills on the way to Hubli

Many windmills lined the highway before Hubli and many tall trees after. Soon the ghats approached and I reciprocated with reduced speeds. And then appeared the Coastline which stayed with me for the major share of the trip! Daily morning I woke up to the sea shore and breathed in the coastal winds which…

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A Traveller’s Odysseys: Riding Solo To The Indian West Coast.

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